Your Design Style Quiz

Do you know your design style?  It’s as personal as your color season or wardrobe style.  During an initial consultation with Allison Smith, she will ascertain your individual style. If you dont have time for a consult, but still want to satisfy your curiosity, you can take our design quiz right now!  It’s fun! It’s quick! And similar to our Your Color Seasons Quiz, we can hone in on your personal results.

Design Quiz

It’s no surprise that at our office we represent the full range of styles among our employees and clients.  Allison has been creating unique spaces for her clients for nearing 30 years and surrounds herself with an eclectic group. Can you guess which styles our staff prefer?  Check out the ASD Journey and scroll for the staff bios.

When you’re ready to create your own space be sure to contact us and schedule your initial consultation.

Below are some of our staff favorites that represent their preferred styles: