Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Our clients approach us for a myriad of reasons but consistently we see three main themes arise.

3.-Before-Laundry-768x1024 basement bathroom remodel with blue walls and white tile
1. You need your space to reflect your lifestyle.

Our lifestyles change over time and with those changes we expect our environments to adapt. If you find that your kitchen suited the single life but is cramped accommodating a family of four, then you need an interior designer.  If you have a  laundry room filled with pipes that resemble a plate of spaghetti(see above), an interior designer can remodel that space to create not only a better laundry room, but add in a bathroom as well.  Interior designers can remodel your home and create a beautiful space that not only works for you but improves the overall functionality of the home.  We provide a wide range of services to improve your space: from custom furniture design, bathroom and kitchen remodels, architectural changes, all the way to new construction design.

2. You need a professional to bring it all together.

It happens more often than you’d think.  You move into a home, you set up your furniture and decor, you live in it for decades.  Before you know it you are now surrounded in clutter and a design that suited your lifestyle a lifetime ago, but now feels stale.  You need an interior designer to move you into a more current design that sets the tone for who you are now.  Your interests, your personality, and your design style all brought together cohesively.  Allison Smith Design isn’t going to offer you a trend.  We provide a timeless design for the interior and exterior of your home.

If you check out our Residential Remodels, you’ll notice that no two projects are exactly alike.  This is because no two people are exactly alike and what is trending today (Farmhouse anyone?), may not be trending tomorrow.  What’s most important is that your home reflects your unique style and makes you feel comfortable.

3. You need an artistic vision.

Beauty is comfort. You want a space that is pleasing to spend time in and that gives you a true sense of home.  We all have a style that is individual to us.  It’s displayed in the clothes we choose, the car we drive, and the home we live in.  You want your home to be not only a reflection of you but a space in which you feel your best.  The interior design process for Allison Smith Design always starts with an initial consultation to get a sense of who you are and the design style that you prefer.  Allison wants to understand what your goals are for the home, how you live in it, and what type of design makes sense not only for you, but for the style of the home itself.

Additional benefits of hiring an interior designer:

You’ll save money in the long haul. DIY’s go south more often than you’d think, and sometimes require a professional to come in and fix.  Then you’ve spend the initial money on the DIY, and additional money on a professional.  If you cut straight to the interior designer, then the job will get done correctly from the start.

What is your design style?

It defines your home and creates a set of building blocks to create from. It is a useful tool to determine various design aspects like color palettes, finishes, or patterns… you name it. Take the quiz to find out what style best fits you!

Big or small Allison Smith Design offers remodel consulting and contractor wrangling.  As an interior designer Allison provides the ability to source quality materials, contractors, manage the scope of the project, and provide an accurate timeline for you.

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-ASD Team

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