Traditional Interior Design Style

Your Style is Traditional!

The opposite of trendy, traditional interiors tend to be misconstrued as boring, outdated and stuffy. 
However, at ASD we define traditional as high quality, intricately detailed furniture pieces in classic materials, stained woods, and clearly defined, elegant spaces.  Traditional style can be predictable, but it is also romantic, nostalgic, and familiar.

PDF Guide to Traditional Interior Design Style

This style is stable and well put together.  You probably prefer a glass of chardonnay over a tap beer.  A French twist over a messy bun. Classic accessories without a lot of fuss–pearls are perfect for you.

While traditional can span many different color palettes—think Victorian era bright, saturated jewel tones, vs. a French country estate with soft hues and florals—we’re focusing on the latter based on your choices. 


Here is an example of one traditional color palette that could work for you: muted, soft pastels, creams or soft white, offset by medium to dark stained woods.  

Pro tip: If you want to bring in floral patterns, stick to side chairs, throw pillows, or ottomans.  A large sofa/sectional in an intricate floral or damask pattern can be overwhelming in a space and is difficult to refresh if you start to get tired of it.

For artistic inspiration, check out Cassatt, Monet, Seurat, or van Gogh.  Beautiful color palettes can be pulled from classic art pieces and applied to your home.

Traditional style bedroom

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