Top Projects of 2019

Interior Design Year in Review: 2019

Take a look back at some of our interior design highlights from 2019.

Right off the bat we knew 2019 was going to be a year of major changes for Allison and her design team.  Allison moved into a beautiful home in Dunthorpe so that the interior design team could expand into her Victorian in Lair Hill.  This meant Allison was not only tackling the challenges of moving to a new home, but also adjusting the composition of her business.

This project included all new, custom furniture designed by Allison, accessories, area rugs, and artwork. The client was willing to let us take some bold design leaps which resulted in a beautiful, eclectic interior.  On-trend colors, patterns, and a variety of finishes round out this very Portland-style design.

I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of looking at the amazing custom pivot door over at this modern full-home remodel in the NW hills. This was one of the largest interior design remodels ASD has ever done in Portland.  It included a complete redesign of seven fireplaces, all new flooring throughout three floors, new counter tops, tile, and plumbing fixtures for five bathrooms, new railings inside and on three decks, and enough custom furniture to fill over 6,000 square feet of living space.   

As a staff favorite over here at ASD, this full home remodel was packed with classic home design charm. It was designed and built in the 1960’s with the help of a female architect (rare at the time).  The sprawling ranch had good bones, but needed some updates. Allison opted for a design that modernized without compromising the home’s retro charm. The guest bathroom features floor to ceiling powder blue tile. 

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Thank you for following along on our interior design journey!  We are so excited for the new year and can’t wait to see what 2020 brings.

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