Perched atop a hillside in Kent, Washington, reside these wild-colored, low-rise apartments.

Allison claims to have felt a bit nostalgic on site, saying the colors and land reminded her of being in the 70’s.

Here’s an aerial shot during construction… you can see the roof lines and colors that make these apartments so interesting.

Centrally located in the aerial shot above is the rec center. This is building being featured in this blog.


Considering the colorful theme taking place on the exterior, Allison went with more earthy, subdued tones on the interior.


The accent wall in this living space features large-scale tiles that are framed with smaller tiles resembling wood grain.

The same tile was used on the columns, to accentuate the verticality in which the material is being used.

Another stunning accent wall is located in the entry vestibule.

The same earthy tones are seen throughout the interior. A beautiful burnt orange pulls the space together through accessories, artwork, and even the pool table felt seen below.


Despite Allison’s time-travel, the space came together beautifully. Let us know what you think!


–ASD crew