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Winter Soft Paint Palette

interior design color palette of soft greens

In a previous post we took you through the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette.  If you scored mostly A‘s in our quiz and prefer an environment that captures the freshness of tulips pushing up through the snow…

winter colors season quiz interior design paint

interior design inspiration board for winter collection colors

You have an eye for quality and a sense of sophistication.

This tasteful palette suits your style perfectly.  Shades of green create serenity, while a splash of white keeps it fresh.  Add touchable texture with nubby patterns, velours and quilted fabrics.

If you’d like to use these paints in a more traditional manner, I suggest a matte finish for the predominant color.  Then use satin or eggshell for kitchen, bathrooms, children’s rooms and trim.




A natural, earthy set of greens like this pair perfectly with rich, cherry hardwood.Color collection for interior design soft green palette

We used this palette in a Decorate With What You Own project for a home in Portland.  This soft green, AS12W, blended perfectly with the homeowner’s style.  With muted tile, dark cherry wood accents, and black and dark brown accessories, our sage green was just the thing to breathe life into this home.


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 Get the best colors for your home interior design project


color by allison smith color seasons

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Winter Bright Paint Palette

Winter Bold interior design color palate

In a previous blog post we took you through the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette.  If you scored mostly A’s in our Quiz and love a cheery, romantic atmosphere, then this palette is for you…

color seasons quiz palette paints for interior design


Interior design inspiration swatches idea board winter bright

You’re confident and fashion forward.

A solid sense of style makes our Winter Bright palette perfect for you.  Deep brown, red, blue and cream come together for a look that is absolutely striking.  Fabrics can mix it up with textures, stripes and solids.  A rich, chocolate carpet is a great foundation to use with these colors.

For a remodel in Portland, we used AS07W as our predominant color and As05W for the trim.  Rich, brown sofas and pops of bright red are what elevate this style to the next level.  Click the photo below for more about this project.


Love Your Colors?

 Get the best colors for your home interior design project

living room interior designed with winter bright paint palette

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Winter Bold Paint Palette

Winter bold color palette for interior design paint

In our last blog post, we featured a step-by-step guide to choosing color.  If you scored mostly A’s in our Quiz and love to make a bold statement, then the perfect palette for you is…

interior design paint colors quiz

Interior design color coordinating idea board

Your style is classic, smart, and straightforward.

The perfect palette for you offers clean lines and a touch of drama by punctuating fresh white with strong fabric colors.  In fabrics, go for deep tones, lots of texture, and mix in a bold black and white print.  This palette is great for older, classic homes but will work well in a modern setting as long as the colors are fully saturated.

I recommend using no more than four colors to create a coordinated color scheme.  Subtle hues and tints of these colors may be used to vary the effect.  Each palette is divided into one predominant color and three accent colors.  Use the predominant color in the palette for the largest areas or space in the house, such as the entryway, hallway, family room, or great room. We ended up using the predominant color–a crisp white–in the kitchen, and one of the accent colors–a sunny yellow–for the living room and dining room.

We used this color palette for an update of a beautiful 1920’s cottage in NW Portland.  A bold, black and white kitchen leads into a sunny dining and living room.  Romantic arches and built-ins are brought to life with our AS01W and AS02W.  This home was always full of charm, now it has the colors to match.  Check out the rest of the photos here.

Love Your Colors?

 Get the best colors for your home interior design project


interior design by allison smith with winter bold yellow walls

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Five Steps to Your Personal Palette

Your Color Seasons by Allison Smith Design Interiors

Color Seasons…

Many people start their decorating with a piece of furniture, a theme, or a personal collection.  While all of these things are important, I always start the design process by choosing a color palette.  Our palettes consist of four complementary colors that will be used throughout the house, creating consistency.  This is the foundation for the whole project.

If you’re like most of my clients, you have probably  stared at the big white wall in your living room and felt lost.  Then, when you try to choose a color, the abundance of options is simply overwhelming.  To help me choose color palettes for my clients, I use a unique process that takes into account not only the style of their home, but also their preferences and personal coloring.

From this technique, I have developed Allison Smith Color Seasons: 16 exclusive four-color palettes, inspired by nature’s complementary colors.  You may know which colors you want to design around simply by how you respond to the different palettes.  However, I suggest you complete the following five steps before you select your personal Color Seasons palette.

Step One: Take the personal Color Seasons quiz

To help determine which colors are right for you, I’ve created a quiz that mimics the process I use with clients.  Your answers should lead you to the Color Seasons palette that’s your natural fit.  And besides, it’s kind of fun!  For each question, check the box next to the answer that best decries you.  your perfect choice might not be listed, so go with the option that most closely resembles your preference.

Interior Design Quiz to determine your color season

Step Two:  Find your personal season

First, check your answers and add up how many A, B, C and D selections you have.  Now, find the season that best matches your personal features and personality:

Mostly As: Your color season is Winter.  The strength of black, white, and rich, bold colors tends to appeal to you.

Mostly Bs: Your color season is Spring.  These palettes feature clear pigments common to spring-flowering bulbs.

Mostly Cs:  Your color season is Summer.  Colors from the beach, such as sand, coral and ocean blue complement this season.

Mostly Ds:  Your color season is Fall.  Shades from nature, such as greens, burnt reds and oranges, as well as golden hues, predominate in fall palettes.

Step Three:  Choose bold, bright, subtle or soft

Once you’ve narrowed your Color Seasons palette into Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, it’s time to match your personal style within each season.  All seasons are broken down into Bold, Bright, Subtle, and Soft, for a total of 16 personal palettes.  Consider both your style preferences and the mood you would like to create as you select the intensity of your Color Seasons palette.  The palette descriptions can help you make this decision.

Bold:  Fearless, stimulating, strong colors

Bright: Cheerful, illuminated, crisp, clear colors

Subtle:  Color without noise, a more relaxed awareness of color

Soft:  A calm, soothing touch of color

Though you may think your choices are limited, I have specifically designed only four palettes per season to help you make confident choices.  Each is thoughtfully chosen and designed to be used as a group.  Too many choices are overwhelming, and our goal is to get you the Color Seasons Palette that works for you.

Step Four: Be free to experiment

If you feel like experimenting on your own with color, try staying within one overall season to keep your look consistent.  Use my formula to help with this process:  Start by choosing your predominant color, then follow through with your accent colors.  For example, your predominant color is Spring Subtle, but you use accent colors from the Spring Bold and Spring Bright palettes.

Allison Smith Color Seasons paint is available in sample jars to help you make these decisions.  Be sure to use a white board to test the color.  If you sample a color over an already painted wall, you compromise the true color of the paint.  I’ll give you more details about Allison Smith Color Seasons paint and ideas for using the colors in your home in an upcoming blog on Palettes.

Step Five: Think fabric, accessories and more

Your Color Seasons palette is much more than a choice of paint colors.  You’ll use it throughout your home for coordinating upholstery fabric, pillows, window coverings, area rugs and accessories.    In the next few blogs we will go over each palate and show you some examples of it’s implementation.  For now, check out some success stories in our Decorate With What You Own section.

What season did you end up with?  Do you like your results, or do you prefer another palette?


Happy Decorating!


Interior design services from Allison Smith

Choosing a paint palette that works for you

Interior design services from Allison Smith

Make it simple, personal, fun…

For more than two decades, I have decorated hundreds of homes, from million dollar mansions to modest bungalows.  Almost every time, the owners call me for one primary reason–they are overwhelmed.  There are just too many choices in paint colors, furniture styles, artwork, lighting.  And thats only the beginning!

As a designer, I help each of my clients make choices that fit with their personalities, lifestyles, and the architecture of the house itself.  Rather than imposing a particular style, fad or trend, I let them and their homes speak to me.  Through this interactive process, each home becomes a unique sanctuary with all the elements of comfort.

Now I have created a system that simplifies this process for you.  By narrowing down your choices, you will find the freedom and confidence to express your personal style.

Allison Smith Color Seasons is a collection of 16 palettes inspired by the four seasons in nature.  Among these palettes you will find one that best fits your personality, features and style.  It will become the basis for all your decorating decisions.  First, check out the quiz to find your season, then head over to the season palettes and explore your personal color palette.

For examples of how we have used these palettes throughout the home, head over to our residential section.  Stay tuned for future blog posts featuring before and after pictures, a look behind the scenes at the design process, and tips and tricks from Allison on how to make your home a sanctuary.


Happy Decorating!

Interior design services from Allison Smith

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