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Eastmoreland Remodel: Phase I

basement remodel and design home interior designers

This lovely family, two teenage daughters and their father, decided it was time to take advantage of all of the underutilized space their gorgeous 1928 Eastmoreland English cottage.  They asked us to create a plan for a three-phase total home remodel.  Goals include the addition of a basement bathroom, turning their basement storage space into a bedroom–with walk in closet(!), moving some walls and creating a better flow for the main floor, a dormer addition and new bathroom for the second floor, and some space layout adjustments for all three floors.  The end goal is to have each member of the family feel like they have their own space: oldest daughter in the basement, father on the main floor, and younger daughter on the second floor.

For Phase I, we’re starting in the basement.  The oldest daughter, who has been sharing a room with her younger sister, is beyond ecstatic to be moving into her very own basement bedroom–it’s almost like a private apartment!

Here is a little Before, Demo, and Reconstruction for the staircase:

basement remodel and design

And After:

Basement Remodel

And the bedroom:

bedroom remodel for basement with interior design portland

In the next post, I’ll show you how we took a cramped laundry room and turned it into a beautiful laundry/bathroom.

More photos over on Houzz.




Fall Soft Paint Palette

soft color palette quiz for interior design style interior designers

In a previous post we took you through the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette.  If you scored mostly D‘s in our quiz and love the warm colors of Fall…

soft color palette color seasons quiz results for interior design

You set high standards and value experience.  You appreciate quality and time-honored customs.  This warm palette sets the proper mood with soothing wheat tones and spicy accents.  Add richness with a plaid or geometric print fabric and lush velour solids.

Colors from autumn fit so beautifully into these western-themed vacation homes outside of Beijing.  Inspired by Jackson Hole, WY, this home features wood and wrought iron accents, rustic wood furniture, and varying shades of honey and wheat.  For accents, we chose Americana-style quilts and throw pillows.  Check out the rest of the photos over here, or click the photo below.


Love Your Colors? Shop for Fall Soft Paint Formulas

vacation home interior design with color season quiz paint

Take me back to the other colors:

Winter          Spring          Summer          Fall

Summer Subtle Paint Palette

paint palette for interior design portland summer subtle beige tan cream interior designers

In a previous blog post we showed you the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette. If you scored mostly Cs in our Color Quiz, and you prefer color without noise, a more relaxed awareness of color…

your color season quiz results paint for interior design portland

interior design portland style with subtle paint tones

Your style is quietly classic; you prefer tasteful over trends.  The down-to-earth sand, shell and beach grass tones of this hushed palette give you the timeless look you’re after and make it easy to combine colors with confidence.  Bring in some texture with your fabric choices, velour and chenille will bring a plush look to your room.

Below is a photo from one of our Decorate With What You Own projects.  This charming newer home on the outskirts of Portland needed some color to bring the homeowner’s existing furniture and accessories together.  She wanted a soothing space to relax and this palette’s subtle, sandy tans were just the ticket.  We added some texture with plush throw pillows and blankets.  Take a look at the rest of the house over here.  Or click the photo below.




Love Your Colors? Shop for Summer Subtle Paint Formulas

subtle interior design style color seasons paint

Take me back to the other colors:

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Summer Bold Paint Palette

interior design paint colors for decor and remodel interior designers beige tan brown orange green

In a previous blog post we showed you the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette. If you scored mostly Cs in our Color Quiz, and your style is fearless with stimulating, strong colors…

summer paint palette color season quiz

interior design paint palette with fabric and tile and paint colors

A warm, rich brown sets the tone for this Summer Palette.  Try the AS07S for your walls or ceiling, and the AS05S as your trim or door color.

You’re comfortable in your own skin, expressing your personal style no matter what the trends say.  The true-to-nature shades in this bold palette play up your strengths.  When choosing fabrics, try mixing in a touch of teal to make it all pop!

Our home remodel project in North Bend utilized a chocolate brown and sandy gold from this palette.  For the bathroom, we went all-in with spa style.  Pebble tile, a walk-in shower, a rustic chandelier, and tons of natural light from new doors and windows.


Love Your Colors?

 Get the best colors for your home interior design project

We continued this palette into the adjacent master bedroom, adding a bold pop of red in the form of throw pillows.

                spa style bedroom with rustic chandelierspa style bathroom with soaking tub and double sink design

Take me back to the other colors:

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The Summer of Bathroom Remodels

sink and faucet design for bathroom remodel interior designers

It’s the Summer of Bath Remodels over here at Allison Smith Design.  Last time we took you through a classic Bungalow bathroom addition in St. Paul.  Next up, we’re showcasing a pair of bathrooms in a sweet ranch home in the lovely town of Silverton, Oregon.  It’s a his and hers situation; she prefers the bathroom down the hall with a full sized tub, he prefers the master bathroom with a walk-in shower, but both are in need of some remodeling.  We bridged the gap with some similar fixtures, matching mirrors, and gave both bathrooms some much-needed updates and lighting.   Check out the photo gallery to see how matte black faucets can give a different feel based on the materials they’re paired with.


Pro Tip: If your home has forced air heating with floor vents, a quick and easy way to update your space is by swapping out the vent covers.  It’s a relatively inexpensive way to bring new life into your home.  Notice in the photos below how we went from an old, white-slatted cover to a matte-black patterned cover that compliments our fixtures.  Vent covers come in a variety of colors and styles, choose one that compliments your door hardware or faucet finish.


Before: Hall Bathroom

before and after interior design remodel pictures   before and after photos of interior design and remodel bathroom style

After: Hall Bathroom

A soft, creamy yellow for the walls: AS13S from our Color Seasons Summer Soft collection.

interior design portland style with bathroom remodel bathroom remodel and makeover with interior design style by allison smith

interior remodel design with soft tones

bathroom remodel with interior design portland style  sink and faucet design for bathroom remodel interior

Before: Master Bathroom

bathroom remodel before photo for interior design  bathroom remodel before and after photos with new tile interior design

After: Master Bathroom

A light, grassy green for the walls: AS10S from our Color Seasons Summer Bright collection.

bathroom remodel with dark wood and tile interior design bathroom remodel and interior design by allison smith

shower and bath design for before and after

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