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Put Down the Glue Gun: Christmas Edition

Holiday decorating festive christmas mantle

As of December 1st, we are well into the Christmas season.  Time to decorate!

Lets start with the mantel:

Before you bust out the glitter and Popsicle sticks, lets take a moment to consider some alternative ways of creating a festive atmosphere that is both cheerful and classy.  While DIY decorations are a fun and personal way to vamp up your home, there are some tricks to stretching what you already have (you know, that massive box of ornaments and burnt-out string lights in the attic) by adding a few key pieces from your yard…or your neighbor’s yard.


If you’re lucky enough to have a collection of festive antiques–figurines, canisters, pitchers, etc.–then bring them out and pair them with pine cones, sprigs of holly or evergreen branches, bunches of cranberries (or any faux berry), feathers, and one of my personal favorites–magnolia leaves.  Bringing natural elements indoors is one of the easiest ways to create a classic Christmas look.

Holiday decorating festive christmas mantle


Gold and brown can be just as Christmasy as red and green if you use the right shades and accents.  We paired magnolia leaves and pine cones with a wintery evergreen garland for the mantel.  Some brown striped pheasant feathers really help set this mantle apart and make the look our own.   By working with the existing pieces on the mantel–a dusty-rose colored lamp and golden-brown framed mirror–we were able to create a look that enhances what we already have, rather than fighting against it.  This is the most important part of creating a look that is elegant and festive:  work with what you have, then embellish.   The backdrop for this display is AS09SP— a soft springtime yellow.


Holiday Decoration for christmas mantle DIY design


Next time we’ll show you what we did to transform the rest of the house and a creative use for pomegranates.  Hint: it’s not juice.

Have some milk glass lying around?  Throw that in as well.


Happy Decorating!


Summer Soft Paint Palette

paint palette for interior design portland green yellow cream interior designers

In a previous blog post we showed you the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette. If you scored mostly Cs in our Color Quiz, and your style is calm and you prefer a soothing touch of color…

summer paint palette color season quiz

soft paint palette for interior design portland style

You’re easygoing, comfortable, enjoying life’s simple pleasures.  This understated palette offers the ideal hint of color to make you feel right at home.  Choose slightly deeper tones for your fabrics and keep that softness going with plenty of texture.

Earlier this summer we did a “His & Hers” double bathroom remodel and this palette was the perfect bridge for the gap in their unique styles.  Try this palette with rich wood and dark fixtures to bring some drama.

Click the photos below to see more from this project.




Love your colors?  Get the Summer Soft Paint Formulas 


After photo of hall bathroom remodel and interior designbathroom remodel with dark wood and tile interior design


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Spring Subtle Color Palette

color quiz results for interior design paint palette interior designers green yellow spring subtle

In a previous blog post we showed you the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette.  If you scored mostly Bs in our Color Quiz, and your style is relaxed and genuine, nurturing yet subdued…

spring subtle color palette quiz results interior design color seasons portland

interior design style portland decor paint quiz color consultation

The greens of spring satisfy those natural instincts.  Mix in a drop of yellow/gold and deeper greens to add interest without going overboard.  Look for a fun stripe that pulls the palette together in your fabrics.

A recent project in Lake Oswego is a great example of how to soften this palette even more by pairing Spring Subtle AS02SP with crisp white and chocolate brown.  This home is warm and inviting, classic yet fresh.  For more photos of this home, head here.  Or Click the photos below.

In addition to being green in color, this palette–like all of our palettes–is green in philosophy too.  All Allison Smith Color Seasons Paint is water based using low VOC and low odor technology to protect your indoor environment and your health.

Love Your Colors?

 Get the best colors for your home interior design project


new home design in Portland oregon

front porch design with painted brick entry style

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Spring Bright Paint Palette

spring paint colors palette quiz

In a previous blog post we showed you the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette.  If you scored mostly B’s in our Quiz..and are looking for bright, cheery colors…

spring bright color palette from color quiz interior design

bright paint palette spring colors patterned fabrics

You light up a room with a fresh, youthful spirit.  This palette is the perfect match for your energy and outlook, featuring daffodil yellow, vibrant greens and peachy accents.

This is such a fun palette to work with and it really shows in the photos below.  We added some fun to this mudroom by displaying the homeowner’s vibrant collection of baskets from her travels.  A crisp, white background really makes our palette pop.

In the kitchen we decided to stay true to the original style by choosing lighting and accents in a farmhouse style.  A muted-tone subway tile gives this bright kitchen some sophistication.

Love Your Colors?

 Get the best colors for your home interior design project

Custom shelf organizer with eclectic accessories and green walls             large open kitchen design with tan subway tile backsplash and drop in sink

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Winter Subtle Paint Palette

interior design paint palette with winter subtle colors

In a previous blog post, we took you through the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette.  If you scored mostly As in our Quiz and are looking for an understated palette…

perfect color palette quiz results for interior design portland

Color palette for interior design with grays

For you, it’s all about balance, order and comfort.

This approachable palette pairing creamy white with gray-blue accents for subtle color is perfect.  Black creates a natural neutral as a trim color.  With fabric, add a bit of cherry, violet or navy to your neutrals.  This palette can be easily updated with pops of  color from accessories, carpet, or fresh flowers.

With furniture, go for muted or deep tones with a subtle pattern, or no pattern at all.  I wouldn’t recommend florals or bold, contrasting colors for your furniture; you want it to last through seasons and style changes.  You can add pops of color with throw pillows, especially with the Winter Subtle palette.  If  you just cant stand the fabric choices you made originally, then it’s time to decide weather to replace it or redo it.

We used this color scheme in a commercial project near Seattle.  Below is the great room of the Rec Center.

Love Your Colors?

 Get the best colors for your home interior design project

we used winter subtle paint palette for this interior design

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