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Spring Subtle Color Palette

color quiz results for interior design paint palette interior designers green yellow spring subtle

In a previous blog post we showed you the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette.  If you scored mostly Bs in our Color Quiz, and your style is relaxed and genuine, nurturing yet subdued…

spring subtle color palette quiz results interior design color seasons portland

interior design style portland decor paint quiz color consultation

The greens of spring satisfy those natural instincts.  Mix in a drop of yellow/gold and deeper greens to add interest without going overboard.  Look for a fun stripe that pulls the palette together in your fabrics.

A recent project in Lake Oswego is a great example of how to soften this palette even more by pairing Spring Subtle AS02SP with crisp white and chocolate brown.  This home is warm and inviting, classic yet fresh.  For more photos of this home, head here.  Or Click the photos below.

In addition to being green in color, this palette–like all of our palettes–is green in philosophy too.  All Allison Smith Color Seasons Paint is water based using low VOC and low odor technology to protect your indoor environment and your health.

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new home design in Portland oregon

front porch design with painted brick entry style

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Spring Bright Paint Palette

spring paint colors palette quiz

In a previous blog post we showed you the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette.  If you scored mostly B’s in our Quiz..and are looking for bright, cheery colors…

spring bright color palette from color quiz interior design

bright paint palette spring colors patterned fabrics

You light up a room with a fresh, youthful spirit.  This palette is the perfect match for your energy and outlook, featuring daffodil yellow, vibrant greens and peachy accents.

This is such a fun palette to work with and it really shows in the photos below.  We added some fun to this mudroom by displaying the homeowner’s vibrant collection of baskets from her travels.  A crisp, white background really makes our palette pop.

In the kitchen we decided to stay true to the original style by choosing lighting and accents in a farmhouse style.  A muted-tone subway tile gives this bright kitchen some sophistication.

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Custom shelf organizer with eclectic accessories and green walls             large open kitchen design with tan subway tile backsplash and drop in sink

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From the Ground Up: Phase 1

Blue prints of architectural layout for house design

Designing a luxury home from the ground up sounds like an overwhelming task to most people, but for Allison and her design team, it’s the type of project that fuels our fire.  Starting with the preliminary sketches, Allison will go through the house with a fine-toothed comb.  Any areas that seem like they need revision will get the red pen–or yellow pen, or black pen.  We have lots of pens.

Blue prints of architectural layout for house design

Once revisions are made and the floor plan is set and agreed upon by the builder, contractor, and design team(us), then we can begin to specify materials.  Our first choice for paint color always comes from Your Color Seasons.  Looking within these palettes helps us to get a feel for how the house will look.  Because these colors were designed by Allison, and she has been working with them for years, she knows just what to expect from them.  Choosing paint from hundreds of variations at your local paint store is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Allison’s paint system is so much easier and way less risky.  For this project, we started with a palette similar to the one below and did a little tweaking with the color formulas to get it just right.  For a palette like this one, click on each of the colors to find its corresponding shade from Your Color Seasons.

Your Color Seasons Paint quiz   Summer paint collection your color season quiz   Your color seasons paint quiz   winter paint palette your color season style quiz   Spring paint palette your color seasons quiz

AS09SP     AS05S     AS12W     AS10W     AS02SP

These colors were inspired by nature and will work seamlessly with surrounding greenery of the Southwest hills.  Our Winter Soft palette is perfect for just this type of project.  For more on how to use this palette, check out the blog featuring examples.

Moving on from paint choices, we head into the vast sea of material choices.  A little more revision gets us the window framework we were hoping for.  The doors we chose will compliment the custom windows and are just so cool.  The knobs for these doors are gorgeous clear glass.

architectural detail for home design style  door design for custom interior design project      crystal door knob for interior design style modern sleek

Flooring is such a big decision in a house of this size; it will set the backdrop for all of the furniture, rugs, cabinetry, and hardware.  Allison decided on a rich, dark hardwood with a beautiful Birch Chocolate stain.  For the bedrooms, we opted for a lush, creamy carpet with a lattice weave.

carpeting design for interior style new portland home  Birch chocolate stain hardwood flooring design for interior

The last detail we’re going to share with you this week is a very unique treatment for the front porch entryway.  It’s a beautiful brick patio with two columns and stairs that we are having whitewashed.  This application will instantly update and soften the look so that it flows seamlessly in with the rest of the house.  So excited to see this completed!

entryway brick patio design whitewashed

The white stripe in the center is the finish that will be applied to the entire entryway.  Crisp, clean, and inviting.


Next week we’ll start specifying appliances, lighting, hardware, and give you a sneak peek at the progress.


Stay tuned!







Winter Soft Paint Palette

interior design color palette of soft greens

In a previous post we took you through the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette.  If you scored mostly A‘s in our quiz and prefer an environment that captures the freshness of tulips pushing up through the snow…

winter colors season quiz interior design paint

interior design inspiration board for winter collection colors

You have an eye for quality and a sense of sophistication.

This tasteful palette suits your style perfectly.  Shades of green create serenity, while a splash of white keeps it fresh.  Add touchable texture with nubby patterns, velours and quilted fabrics.

If you’d like to use these paints in a more traditional manner, I suggest a matte finish for the predominant color.  Then use satin or eggshell for kitchen, bathrooms, children’s rooms and trim.




A natural, earthy set of greens like this pair perfectly with rich, cherry hardwood.Color collection for interior design soft green palette

We used this palette in a Decorate With What You Own project for a home in Portland.  This soft green, AS12W, blended perfectly with the homeowner’s style.  With muted tile, dark cherry wood accents, and black and dark brown accessories, our sage green was just the thing to breathe life into this home.


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color by allison smith color seasons

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Winter Bold Paint Palette

Winter bold color palette for interior design paint

In our last blog post, we featured a step-by-step guide to choosing color.  If you scored mostly A’s in our Quiz and love to make a bold statement, then the perfect palette for you is…

interior design paint colors quiz

Interior design color coordinating idea board

Your style is classic, smart, and straightforward.

The perfect palette for you offers clean lines and a touch of drama by punctuating fresh white with strong fabric colors.  In fabrics, go for deep tones, lots of texture, and mix in a bold black and white print.  This palette is great for older, classic homes but will work well in a modern setting as long as the colors are fully saturated.

I recommend using no more than four colors to create a coordinated color scheme.  Subtle hues and tints of these colors may be used to vary the effect.  Each palette is divided into one predominant color and three accent colors.  Use the predominant color in the palette for the largest areas or space in the house, such as the entryway, hallway, family room, or great room. We ended up using the predominant color–a crisp white–in the kitchen, and one of the accent colors–a sunny yellow–for the living room and dining room.

We used this color palette for an update of a beautiful 1920’s cottage in NW Portland.  A bold, black and white kitchen leads into a sunny dining and living room.  Romantic arches and built-ins are brought to life with our AS01W and AS02W.  This home was always full of charm, now it has the colors to match.  Check out the rest of the photos here.

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interior design by allison smith with winter bold yellow walls

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