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Heatherwood Apartments – 2018 Remodel

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Allison Smith Design recently remodeled the common space at Heatherwood Apartments, Mill Creek Washington. We’ve had the pleasure of working with this client previously and we were excited to freshen up these spaces.

Allison selected the interior materials, finishes, and layouts for this project as well as the furniture and décor.

Sitting Area1 Remodel

Sitting Area

The goal on this project was to create an open and inviting common space for occupants to work and lounge in, one that avoided feeling too formal.
One method of accomplishing this was to include a bright focus point with an orange accent wall.

Sitting Area &; Wall Clock

Sitting Area & Wall Clock



We aimed to create a relaxed atmosphere via the wall décor and accessories.

Therefore, we chose a lot of tactile items, many made of natural materials, that invite interraction.
Heatherwood has some gorgeous landscaping on the grounds, so we wanted to give a nod to the natural beauty that surrounds it.



Wall-mounted succulents

Wall-mounted succulents

Material choices can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of a space. Take for example the floorboards in this photo.
Because they cover such a large swathe of the room, their presense really ties together all of the design elements.
We really enjoy how the orange tones in the floor played off of the warm tones in the wall color.



A few other areas in Heatherwood were also in need of remodeling, such as this movie theatre and cafe/kitchen nook.
The cafe nook had previously been enclosed by a wall, which bared against foot traffic
A wall in the nook was taken out and a new open seating plan was implemented. We love these sleek pewter pedestal tables.





Altogether, the updates at Heatherwood are designed to invite visitors to return to the space again and again.
Key ingredients, such as a good wall color, exceptional layout, and playful décor (such as these horses) can really invigorate a space.

Fireplace Horses

Fireplace Horses

What were your favorite design details? Leave us a note here, or check out our facebook page for more project info!
-ASD Crew

Mike’s Tech Shop–Manhattan

This year we were asked to help a tech shop owner in Manhattan with an expansion and remodel.  The shop was running at maximum efficiency in it’s previous form–every inch of space was being utilized.


The owner wanted to create a fresh environment where his staff could work with clients to provide a personalized experience, rather than a convenience counter with employees on one side and customers on the other.  By rearranging the back offices, we were able to push the South wall of the store back by about 15 feet.  This expansion added some much needed space to the storefront and allowed us to get creative in our approach to planning.  To add dimension ASD came up with “V” shaped walls that guide your experience to the “hub” at the back of the store.


This custom designed hub is where transactions are completed and technical issues can be discussed.  The hub was designed to keep the flow of traffic moving around the store to expose the clients to as many products as possible.

During the demo process, it was discovered that beautiful old bricks were hiding under the entire Northwest wall.  This classic feature is a nod to the building’s history and helps to bridge the old with the new.  The color palette we chose highlights these classic elements and creates a fresh background for tech products.  Visit Mike’s Tech Shop to check out this amazing store.


Visit our Portfolio Gallery for more photos of this remodel.

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