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Eastmoreland Remodel: Phase I

basement remodel and design home interior designers

This lovely family, two teenage daughters and their father, decided it was time to take advantage of all of the underutilized space their gorgeous 1928 Eastmoreland English cottage.  They asked us to create a plan for a three-phase total home remodel.  Goals include the addition of a basement bathroom, turning their basement storage space into a bedroom–with walk in closet(!), moving some walls and creating a better flow for the main floor, a dormer addition and new bathroom for the second floor, and some space layout adjustments for all three floors.  The end goal is to have each member of the family feel like they have their own space: oldest daughter in the basement, father on the main floor, and younger daughter on the second floor.

For Phase I, we’re starting in the basement.  The oldest daughter, who has been sharing a room with her younger sister, is beyond ecstatic to be moving into her very own basement bedroom–it’s almost like a private apartment!

Here is a little Before, Demo, and Reconstruction for the staircase:

basement remodel and design

And After:

Basement Remodel

And the bedroom:

bedroom remodel for basement with interior design portland

In the next post, I’ll show you how we took a cramped laundry room and turned it into a beautiful laundry/bathroom.

More photos over on Houzz.




The Summer of Bathroom Remodels

sink and faucet design for bathroom remodel interior designers

It’s the Summer of Bath Remodels over here at Allison Smith Design.  Last time we took you through a classic Bungalow bathroom addition in St. Paul.  Next up, we’re showcasing a pair of bathrooms in a sweet ranch home in the lovely town of Silverton, Oregon.  It’s a his and hers situation; she prefers the bathroom down the hall with a full sized tub, he prefers the master bathroom with a walk-in shower, but both are in need of some remodeling.  We bridged the gap with some similar fixtures, matching mirrors, and gave both bathrooms some much-needed updates and lighting.   Check out the photo gallery to see how matte black faucets can give a different feel based on the materials they’re paired with.


Pro Tip: If your home has forced air heating with floor vents, a quick and easy way to update your space is by swapping out the vent covers.  It’s a relatively inexpensive way to bring new life into your home.  Notice in the photos below how we went from an old, white-slatted cover to a matte-black patterned cover that compliments our fixtures.  Vent covers come in a variety of colors and styles, choose one that compliments your door hardware or faucet finish.


Before: Hall Bathroom

before and after interior design remodel pictures   before and after photos of interior design and remodel bathroom style

After: Hall Bathroom

A soft, creamy yellow for the walls: AS13S from our Color Seasons Summer Soft collection.

interior design portland style with bathroom remodel bathroom remodel and makeover with interior design style by allison smith

interior remodel design with soft tones

bathroom remodel with interior design portland style  sink and faucet design for bathroom remodel interior

Before: Master Bathroom

bathroom remodel before photo for interior design  bathroom remodel before and after photos with new tile interior design

After: Master Bathroom

A light, grassy green for the walls: AS10S from our Color Seasons Summer Bright collection.

bathroom remodel with dark wood and tile interior design bathroom remodel and interior design by allison smith

shower and bath design for before and after

Updating in St. Paul

master bathroom design in classic home interior designers

Ready for the Rodeo

Over in St. Paul, Oregon, my lovely niece is updating her 1920’s classic bungalow/cottage.  Originally owned by her grandmother, this home has beautiful old bones.  As a mother of four living in the town famous for Rodeos, she and her husband love to entertain.  An unfortunate drawback to living in an older home, however, is an outdated layout.  All of the bathrooms are on the main floor, and all of the bedrooms are upstairs.  The solution is not only a remodel, but a full-on addition in the form of a dormer with new windows.  Her vaulted ceilings were leaving some unused space that was perfect for adding a small master bathroom and walk-in closet.  We added a dormer to accommodate head-height and bring in lots of natural light for their his and hers bathroom.  For the bathroom walls, our soft gray from the Winter Subtle collection was the perfect soothing contrast to the cheery yellow in her bedroom. Because this bathroom didn’t exist before, we had to re-rout the plumbing starting in the foundation, working our way through a main floor bathroom, and finally into the upstairs.  By creating a master suite upstairs, this frees up the main floor bathroom to be used by guests, just in time for one of her St. Paul Rodeo parties.

Bathroom_2The best part about this remodel is that I get to work with my very talented niece.  She has an amazing eye for color and design and has worked for Allison Smith Design in the past.  This project felt more like a collaboration; bringing her personality and style into the final product made it all the more personal and successful.  She and her large family–husband and 4 children between the ages of 3-16–have received a much needed addition to their home that they can enjoy for years to come.  For the rest of the upstairs, head over to the new Portfolio Gallery.

master bathroom interior design remodel and addition

master closet remodel interior with yellow walls

interior design style for older home with original accents and modern finishes




From the Ground Up: Phase 2

digital rendering of front porch design

Starting to come together…

Last week we took you through the preliminary design process, the part where moving a wall requires an eraser, rather than a sledgehammer.  This week it all starts to become real.  Our amazing team of contractors have been working so hard to get this house together and their efforts can finally be appreciated as we walk though this home in construction.

A big, open house like this one is such an amazing blank canvas to work with.  We’ve chosen a soft palette with light yellows, sage green, beautiful white and gray marble throughout, crisp, white trim, and creamy soft carpet.  A dark hardwood flooring throughout the first floor will set the stage for our muted palette to pop.

new home construction design architecture interior

Lighting is such an important mood-setter, especially in this home.  We’ve chosen an array of polished nickel light fixtures to add sparkle.  Hanging from the two-story vaulted foyer is one of the most impressive chandeliers I’ve ever seen with 90 crystal-clear prisms on two circular tiers.  The big reveal is sure to be full of drama!

crystal prism chandelier for foyer interior design

From the foyer, the house opens up into an impressive, light-filled, two-story great room with dark hardwood floors, and an upper balcony.

Great room design with large windows Marble tiled fireplace design

This home also has some amazing luxury features such as a wine pantry, butler’s pantry, and a two-way fireplace separating the breakfast nook from the dining room.

luxury wine storage pantry design see through fireplace two sided breakfast nook dining room

Moving into the master bathroom, we have created a marble-covered oasis with a walk-in shower, free-standing tub, two vanities, and a walk-in closet.  This gorgeous spa-like bathroom will be bathed in tons of natural light from its three windows.

master bathroom interior design walk-in shower free-standing tub  interior design of master bathroom with marble tile backsplash

The last sneak-peek we’re dishing out this week is a preview of the beautiful front porch with whitewashed brick.

digital rendering of front porch design

Stay tuned for next week’s big reveal of the finished home in all its glory!






Before and After: Bathroom Edition

After photo of bathroom remodel with double vanity sinks

This Portland homeowner wanted a fresh, updated look for her tired master bathroom.  A calm, soft palette, including our AS10W for the walls, creates contrast with the dark, rich wood of the double vanity.  The switch from built-ins to a free-standing set of cabinets creates a greater sense of space and sophistication where the cabinets look more like furniture, and less like kitchen cupboards.

Before photo of bathroom remodel with pebble tile and double vanity  After photo of bathroom remodel with double vanity sinks

The biggest impact in this bathroom is created by the new tiled shower.  Deciding to ditch the bathtub left the space open for some beautiful pebble tile.  To let this gorgeous tile work shine through, the homeowner opted for an elegant frameless shower door. You can see the dramatic difference from those old-fashioned sliding doors on the left; what an improvement!

For more B & As, head over to our Houzz site.

Share your bathroom remodel success stories in the comments below.

Happy decorating!

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