If you keep up on our blogs, you’ve seen that one of our projects this year is a contemporary hacienda in Cabo San Lucas. If you haven’t yet seen our progress post about it, here’s the link — https://allisonsmithdesign.com/casa-oasis/

Now that the home is nearing the end of construction, Allison and a senior project manager were able to travel to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to shop for furnishings for Casa Oasis.


We had done a fair amount of research regarding stores in San Miguel, but the goal we had set for the trip was to find hidden gems in the city, and we did just that.



The home in Cabo San Lucas is an interesting juxtaposition between Pacific Northwest sophistication – which features some contemporary features – and local artisan craft. The furnishings in the home will reflect that.



In an attempt to not reveal too much (trust me when I say you’ll see plenty of photos of the home once it’s finished)… I’ll simply share more photos from the trip. San Miguel is such a beautiful city… with architecture, design, and food to gawk at for days…


This business trip was certainly one for the books.

Stay tuned to see photos of the fully furnished Casa Oasis.

Adios for now!

—ASD Design Crew