San Miguel de Allende — A Business Trip for the Books

If you keep up on our blogs, you’ve seen that one of our projects this year is a contemporary hacienda in San Jose del Cabo

Now that the home is nearing the end of construction, Allison and Julika were able to travel to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to shop for furnishings for Casa Oasis.


We had done a fair amount of research regarding stores in San Miguel, but the goal we had set for the trip was to find hidden gems in the city, and we did just that.  Everywhere you turn there is beautiful design inspiration and hand-made, artisan goods.  The pottery shopping might have been Julika’s favorite part:

Detail of clay pottery in San Miguelmexico
Close up photo of Mexican pottery selections for luxury vacation home
Cropped photo of water jug


With such unique stores and inspiring scenery all around, this business trip was certainly one for the books.

Stay tuned to see photos of the fully furnished Casa Oasis.

Adios for now!

—ASD Design Crew

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