Redmond, WA Rec Center

The Allison Smith Design team packed up our tools, loaded the rig and set off for Redmond, WA to set up this new-build commercial interior design project.  Allison was asked to design the leasing area and some amenity rooms for this new apartment complex.  This was the first time for some of the team members getting to see the finished product in person so we spent a lot of time admiring how everything turned out!  Can you blame us?!  Look. At. That. Fireplace!

Custom Tiled Fireplace in Rec Center In Washington

For this particular interior, we went outside the realm of how we normally handle our commercial projects and got funky with a modern 70’s vibin’ decal wall in the entryway.  The color scheme comes from a fall color season inspiration.  Shout out to Julika for the design and install of these decals!

Comfortable and Stylish Commercial Rec Center

Allison went with natural themed / neutral colors for the artwork made of different woods to even out those cool funky vibes.  

Custom Shaped Coffee table with Built-in bookshelf