Mike’s Tech Shop in Manhattan was in need of an expansion and remodel.  We created a dynamic retail flow out of a long, narrow building by using custom angled displays that blend seamlessly with the walls.  The retail displays have a soft maple finish with built-in lighting to showcase featured items in the store.

The best part of this remodel is the custom “Hub” at the center of the back of the store.  This cube is the focal point and landing pad for transactions.  Rather than a traditional retail experience with a counter that separates the staff from the clients, this Hub keeps the flow of traffic moving and allows people to interact in a more organic way.  It draws you in and makes you feel like the technicians are there to work with you.

After we began the demolition, it was discovered that this beautiful brick wall runs the length of the North West wall.  To highlight this natural feature, we chose colors that compliment the brick and lighting that looks true to the era.  When an element of classic architecture is discovered, the best course of action is to work to enhance it rather than cover it up.  This shop now blends the old and new in a refreshing way that has people coming back for more.

For a behind the scenes look at our design process, head over to the Blog.