Put Down The Glue Gun: Christmas Edition Vol. 2

Who says ornaments are only allowed on trees?

So the tree is decorated and presents are wrapped, but what about the rest of your house?  I say, get creative with your ornament placement!  Candles and evergreen sprigs are a great way to bring some twinkle and fragrance to the other rooms of your home; this year, why not add a few strategically placed ornaments to go with them.  In a previous post we showed you that we added some silvery globe ornaments to our mantel display, now we’re taking it one step further and giving those forgotten corners of your home a little love.  So pick your favorite ornament, and find it a new spot.


Christmas Decorations In Oregon Living Room

When decorating outside of the living room, subtlety is key.  We are going for a Christmas theme that isn’t over the top.  The kitchen is a great place for decorating with colorful foods, we used pomegranates and cookies (which probably won’t last long!).

Red Christmas Cookies with Bird Decoration

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Happy Holidays!