Modern Interior Design Style

Your Style is Modern!

While modern interiors can feel cold and stark, they certainly don’t have to be.  When we style a modern interior, we go for crisp lines, saturated or contrasting colors/hues, chrome or black hardware, and furniture pieces or artwork that express movement.  

Mod is unique, clever, cheeky.  You probably prefer your coffee black and your earrings chunky.  You love unique lighting, matching place settings, and winter color palettes over summer.  Glass/Lucite is your best friend.

Your ideal home will have a view and high ceilings.  Go for consistent color throughout your home for walls and ceilings.  Then use your furniture, accessories, and artwork to bring in pops of color.  Check out this NW Portland remodel for more inspiration.


Check out Yayoi Kusama, Miro, Pollock, and Lichtenstein for artwork and color palette inspiration. 

portland interior design style with black round dining table and chairs
black ceiling with circle light fixture and plants
decorative sideboard for interior design

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