This home in Milwaukie, Oregon was a combination of “already there” and “let’s add a little flare”.

Using a variety of colors and textures will liven up a space. You can do this in small doses, or to an entire room… Life is short, am I right?

Using fun accessories – such as this spikey orb – can be a great way to grab attention and give a unique feel to the entire room.


While people tend to be intimidated by nooks and crannies, it’s actually an opportunity to showcase your best features. But please remember, it’s easy to go overboard! Here are a couple examples of “nice nooks”.



It’s important to remember, don’t take your home too seriously! Your space should tell your story.

You should enjoy the things you surround yourself with. We hope we can inspire you to do so.

Happy decorating!


–Allison Smith Design Crew