Kings Heights Neighborhood

Modern Design Meets Art Deco

These clients were relocating from out of state to the Portland area. They fell in love with the quirky character of this outdated home that had beautiful views overlooking the west hills of Portland. The home had beautiful millwork throughout, amazing windows, a desirable layout, and heavily brocaded texture on the walls. Some of the “character” of the existing home was overdone, but as we embarked on this project, we looked for ways to strip it back while maintaining its uniqueness.

As a team, we asked ourselves how we could honor the history of this home and work with some of the unique design elements that existed. Our clients loved modern design, so we were heavily influenced by Art Deco elements to tie the more whimsical elements of the home in with modern influences.

We used beautiful, colorful wallpapers in different areas to add visual interest and tie together the various upholstered furniture pieces in each room. The result is an enchanting and whimsical charmer that nods to the current “grandmillenial” trend.