Is remodeling worth it?

When we think about creating living spaces that we love, we often think more is better. The more effort or investment we put in, the more dramatic the transformation. But that isn’t always true.

Knocking down walls and changing floorplans might not be what we need to love the home we are in. In fact, we often find refreshing through “light” construction and redecorating are all that is needed to maximize our current space and create an environment that inspires us.

Here we will compare the pros and cons of both types of projects, tell you all the magical things you can do to revamp your home without bringing in a crew of contractors, and give you a brief overview of the redecorating process.

Remodeling vs. Redecorating: Pros and Cons

While both a major remodel and some simple redecorating (think: new flooring or architectural embellishments like new trim, interesting doors, ceiling treatments, etc.) can positively impact your home value, there are several things to keep in mind when considering what type of project to embark on.

Remodeling Pros

On the positive side, remodeling gives you the most flexibility to create the exact spaces you want and need. With a remodel, you can add or subtract features, move walls, expand or contract spaces, and more. Here you are only limited by your budget, but you can maximize your creativity.

Remodeling Cons

However, there are some downsides. First, is that, in general, remodeling costs more money. Since the pandemic, we have seen sharp increases in the price of labor and materials. In addition to the added cost, there are also more delays in projects because of a shortage of qualified contractors. We wrote an extensive post about rising construction costs while back and you can read it by clicking here.

In addition, remodels often come with more people working in your house, and more disruption to your life.

Redecorating Pros

Redecorating projects have many benefits. Usually, a room refresh can be completed in a shorter timeframe than a remodel. New paint, furniture and accessories can provide more instant gratification.

In addition, a refresh is often less disruptive to your home and life, and a wider range of budgets can be accommodated.

Redecorating Cons

The primary negative to a construction-free home revamp is that you must work within the limitations of your home’s current layout, and fewer custom options may be available.

However, in the end, redecorating can still result in an entirely new space! You may be surprised how big of an impact cosmetic upgrades can make!

Top Ways to Refresh Your Room

There are so many ways to refresh your room, no sledge hammer required! To make the greatest impact, consider both ways you can refresh the features of the room itself and then also the items in it.

Cosmetic Room Changes

Flooring sets the tone for your space and can revolutionize the feel of your room. With such a wide range of material options – like wood, tile, vinyl, and carpet – you are sure to find something that is beautiful, speaks to your style, and meets your functional needs.

Makeover your walls with paint or a fun wallpaper! Even if you don’t want to change the wall color, a fresh coat of paint gives an instant facelift and makes everything feel cleaner. With wallpaper, you don’t have to commit to all four walls, consider just a focal wall, or even a niche for a touch of whimsy.

Architectural embellishments like molding and trim work, doors, shelves, brackets, and wainscoting can take something from feeling builder basic to luxurious and custom. Ceiling treatments are another unexpected element that most people don’t consider.

Good lighting changes everything! Swapping out builder standard fixtures for something that makes a statement about your personal style can really add a wow factor. Consider all the different types of lighting you need in a room – overall, or ambient light, task specific lighting, and accent lighting. A statement fixture can also be a great focal point in a room.

Furniture & Accessories

In addition to upgrading the “bones” of a room, the objects you fill it with are also important.

Furniture provides the foundation for the room’s functionality. Not only do designers have access to tons of furniture options that you do not as a general consumer, they can also work with you to create custom pieces that are specific to your needs and available space.

Textiles like rugs and window treatments can soften a space, or even create visual boundaries for the different functional areas within a room. Different patterns, colors, and textures support your overall design theme.

Art and accessories are the items that add that personal touch to any room. We believe that these are best curated over a lifetime, and our hope is that each item has a story and holds meaning for you.

Working with a Designer to Refresh Your Home

Although there are many ways to DIY your way to a home makeover, working with a designer can help ensure you end up with a cohesive space within your budget and a reasonable timeframe. Here is an idea of what you can expect.

  • Goals/Needs: First, you’ll identify your goals and needs for the space. What all do you want done? Is it just that you’ve had the same sofa since 1994, and you are ready for something more current? Are you entering a new stage of life and have different needs for your home than what you have had in the past? Do you want to feel more peace as you sit in your living room?
  • Design Style: A designer can help you identify your unique design style and determine what you already have that can be kept and incorporated, and begin to pinpoint what new things need to be brought in.
  • Conceptualization: From here, the designer will start to work on space considerations, layout, and the overall functionality of the space. They may select a color palette for your room, create a mood board, and begin to select materials.
  • Sourcing: When you and your designer have decided on all the elements of the refresh, the design team will start to source the different products you need. This could include paint, flooring, light fixtures, furniture, art, and accessories.
  • Installation: Finally, you will get to see it all put together. Your design team will ensure that any necessary repairs are completed, new flooring installed, painting or wallpapering done, and furniture and accessories are moved in and placed properly. Then, you get to enjoy it!

Designing and decorating the home of your dreams is an ongoing process. While it is exciting to dream big, renovations are a significant undertaking and the power of redecorating should not be underestimated. Cosmetic updates, when executed well, can be just as impactful as a remodel!

If you have a decorating project on your mind, please contact us for more information on how we can help.