Is Gray Passe?

Trends in the last few years have all pointed to black, white, gray, and neutral.  However, the pendulum is swinging!  We are finally starting to see pops of unique color sneaking into some of our residential remodels.  This year saw the rise of blushes for furniture and accent pieces. 2020 design trends point towards a warmer spectrum. We’re seeing darker finished cabinets, big bold wooden furniture, and inviting spaces.

Modern Living Room Design With Custom Stone Fireplace
Grey Sofa With Blue Patterned Pillow
Is gray your neutral?

Gray has taken the place of beige in a lot of recent designs. While gray isn’t going to be passe anytime soon, if it’s reflected in everything you own, then your space is going to need a design refresh to keep with the times. You’ll want to warm up that cool neutral you’ve been living in for 2020. Check out these examples of how you can make gray less ‘blah’ and more ‘ah’ by pairing it with an accent color.

Modern Kitchen With White Cabinets and Red Counter Stools
Monochromatic Modern Living Room Design With White Shelving
Contemporary Living Room Design With Grey Sofa

The projects above are primarily black, white and gray but feature one pop of color.  For our NW Hills full-home remodel, the client loved their red bar stools and wanted to find a way to reuse them.  Red can really make a statement when paired with neutrals.  The knobs of the Wolf range are also red and help bring the design together.

The living room from Raleigh Hills we’ve featured here also sports a white backdrop with predominantly gray furniture. Deep navy and cobalt blue were used to bring some life into this palette while keeping it refined and subtle.

What is your design style?

It defines your home and creates a set of building blocks to create from. It is a useful tool to determine various design aspects like color palettes, finishes, or patterns… you name it. Take the quiz to find out what style best fits you!

Glazed Pottery On Living Room Shelf
What's next for color trends?

Color creates an emotional response. Your individual preferences are part of what make you unique. These facts make it difficult to predict what the next big trend will be for color 2020. Through experience and a touch of artistic vision, however, we here at ASD are anticipating a return to nature for color choices in the new decade.  Bark brown, sandy beige, and all of the soft hues of a desert sunset should start popping up at the edge of Winter 2020. If you’ve already invested everything into grays, not to fret. Start introducing your favorite warm tone in small ways to bring your space up to date.  Throw pillows, artwork, area rugs, vases, and candles can all be useful tools for modernizing.

Still lost about how to pull off introducing new colors?  Contact us and we can help prevent your gray space from going out of style.