4 Popular Interior Design Styles Explained

We all have design elements that we naturally gravitate to, but have you ever really thought about why? Each design style has different shapes, layers, textures, colors and other elements that help to define it. In this Facebook Live, Allison broke down four of the most popular interior design styles for us: Traditional, Transitional, Modern and Eclectic.

Traditional Interior Design

Traditional interior design is all about new versions of old things. You will find many period or historical references. Not everything needs to be an antique, but you will definitely find many nods toward classics lines and textures.

In this mood board, below, we see soft shapes, lots of movement, layers, textures, and materials that have been around for a long time (think: natural resources) like wood and marble.

With fabrics, you will often see timeless patterns like paisley or damask.

People that are drawn to traditional decor appreciate the old sense of these types of things, and take comfort in traditional goods. They love the familiarity of classic things.

Transitional Interior Design

With transitional interior design, we see some new twists to traditional things. It is a blend of new and old, modern and traditional; a “transition” between these two styles.

In this mood board, shown below, you see some references to “old” that have a modern spin on them.

The mirror has a traditional look with a modern layer over it. The table has a very traditional look to it, but it is a half-circle which adds some whimsy to it.

Eclectic Interior Design

Eclectic interior design, also sometimes called Bohemian, is a fun mix of different cultural designs. It is a montage of many different styles, which can be daunting to put together… but also a lot of fun!

With eclectic decor, I use a “less is more” mentality. If overdone, it runs the risk of looking like a bunch of “junk” thrown together. There is a fine line between over and under doing it.

One key to flawless eclectic design is to pick a star player in your design. Maybe the materials in your home are more clean lined, or you have some lovely flooring that can be your anchor.

Using a color palette to tie all your pieces together is another important key.

Modern Interior Design

One thing many people don’t often realize is that Modern is it’s own interior design style. It differs from Contemporary in that “contemporary” is “of the moment,” whereas modern is all about clean lines and separation between colors. With the modern interior design style, everything is very defined and clear.

With modern interior design, the cleaner the lines are, the more “modern” it feels. Modern makes big use of the color white, but also blacks and grays.

The boldness and strength of modern can sometimes make it appear more masculine, and if not done well, can come off as cheap or flimsy and not put together.

When doing a modern design, it’s important to do it in a “timeless” way by not using a ton of furniture or accessories that are on-trend and of the moment.

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What is your design style?

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