custom furniture design black leather chairs

This rec center in Everett, Washington has soaring ceilings and tons of natural light.

The original concept that was sent to us was very barn-like with craftsman undertones… actually, craftsman overtones.

This scheme simply didn’t match the aesthetics for the area. After many iterations on our part, we went with a more contemporary aesthetic.

Check out the finished product below…

commercial interior design seattle black leather furniture
contemporary rec center design in Washington
modern accessories for commercial space
modern furniture seating arrangement

The feel of the space actually came to be more of a boutique hotel lobby, rather than an apartment rec center. Everything in the space – from the architectural finishes to the accessories – are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

The scale of the space allowed for a fun, eclectic furniture selection and pops of color throughout.

If it seems this project came together easily, think again.. You might’ve noticed the play of colors on the ceiling. Imagine trying to explain to someone how the shape of the ceiling in this space works.. it’s nearly impossible. We chose to go with a two-tone paint scheme to accentuate the unique features of this ceiling rather than hide them. Now, with the bright white upper portion, your eye is immediately directed toward the true centerpiece – the marble-tiled fireplace. Here’s a photo from the construction phase.

Iteration after iteration, the project came together very well.. we were able to pay respect to the Seattle-area aesthetic, while adding some personal touches. This is one of our favorite rec centers to date. Let us know your thoughts!

–Allison Smith Design Team