Lake Oswego New Build: Phase 3

The hard work pays off…

In theory, new construction should be slightly easier than remodeling existing structures.  There should be no surprises; no, “I wonder what’s inside this wall?” moments.  If everything is implemented exactly according to plan, then new construction will run like a well-oiled machine.  But, because we’re human, there will always be miss-steps.  So when all of the work spirals into the hurricane of chaos that always happens in the last two weeks, a little tiny adjustment made along the way turns into a oh-my-gosh-this-tub-wont-fit kind of moment.  Amazingly, even with human error, we manage to work it all out because of our stellar team of contractors and builders.  When everyone can focus on the end goal and do what it takes to get there, it all comes together and we are able to turn out a home that looks effortless, in spite of all the effort it took.

Check out the finished design!

Lake Oswego Kitchen Remodel with Bright White Cabinets

Dining Room with Tiled Fireplace and White Built-In CaseworkKitchen With White Built-in Cabinets