Lake Oswego New Build: Phase 1

Designing a luxury home from the ground up sounds like an overwhelming task to most people, but for Allison and her design team, it’s the type of project that fuels our fire.  Starting with the preliminary sketches, Allison will go through the house with a fine-toothed comb.  Any areas that seem like they need revision will get the red pen.

Floorplan With Revisions By Interior Designer


Once revisions are made and the floor plan is set and agreed upon by the builder, contractor, and design team(us), then we can begin to specify materials.  Our first choice for paint color always comes from Your Color Seasons.  Looking within these palettes helps us to get a feel for how the house will look.  Because these colors were designed by Allison, and she has been working with them for years, she knows just what to expect from them.  Choosing paint from hundreds of variations at your local paint store is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Allison’s paint system is so much easier and way less risky.

Moving on from paint choices, we head into the vast sea of material choices. Flooring is such a big decision in a house of this size; it will set the backdrop for all of the furniture, rugs, cabinetry, and hardware.  Allison decided on a rich, dark hardwood with a beautiful Birch Chocolate stain.  For the bedrooms, we opted for a lush, creamy carpet with a lattice weave.

Hexagon Tile Next To Wood Flooring

Beige Carpet With a Lattice Weave Pattern

The last detail we’re going to share with you this week is a very unique treatment for the front porch entryway.  It’s a beautiful brick patio with two columns and stairs that we are having whitewashed.  This application will instantly update and soften the look so that it flows seamlessly in with the rest of the house.  So excited to see this completed!

Front Entry of Lake Oswego Home With White Columns

Next week we’ll start specifying appliances, lighting, hardware, and give you a sneak peek at the progress.

Stay tuned!