Family Photos Done Right

It’s the age-old dilemma that plagues us all: Do I have too many family photos on display?  The answer is probably yes.

While you may take pride in your beautiful family and wish to display every milestone and holiday in a mismatched collage of panoramas and portraits, the overall look is often cluttered and could stand to be scaled back…just a bit.  But, don’t fear, there is a solution.

Our client came to us recently with exactly this issue: a plethora of picture frames in every color under the sun.

Our solution: Select the best/most sentimental photos, print them in black and white, and use a consistent color throughout for the frames themselves.

The result is a fireplace surround that feels more like an art installation.  The photos all belong together–even though they all show different events and people.  The frames provide a consistent backdrop and allow the area to feel both formal and personal.

Before and after images showing how to tastefully decorate with family photos

Things to avoid: Frames that hold multiple photos are not your friend.  Instead, giving each photo it’s own frame will encourage you to make thoughtful selections and provides a more sophisticated look.

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White frames with B&W photos is a fantastic fall back if you’re looking for a quick way to simplify your cherished family memories.  However, I would recommend taking the colors of your space into account.  White works in this home because the trim is white, there are pops of white in the fireplace mosaic, and some of the accessories are white.

If you’ve got a very dark mantle, or wood trim, it would be worth considering a frame color/finish that will blend in with the background you’re putting it against.

Same goes for the B&W treatment.  If you’re looking for vintage, try sepia.

Happy Decorating!!