In a previous post we took you through the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette.  If you scored mostly D‘s in our quiz and love the warm colors of Fall…

subtle color palette color seasons quiz results for interior design portland

soft color palette from color seasons paint quiz results for interior design portlandWarm, welcoming and down-to-earth comfortable, that’s your style.  This quiet, restful palette brings color and coziness into perfect harmony.  Tonal variations of tan-to-gold offer a look you can keep neutral or punch up here and there with colorful, chunky fabrics.

This palette speaks of warm, natural woods and stone.  When designing vacation homes for an Old West themed resort town outside of Beijing, we needed colors that were natural enough to look like they came right out of an authentic log cabin.   We used golden clutch(AS14F) for the walls, and a rich honey stain for the wood accents.  This project was so much fun to put together; bringing Americana to the Chinese countryside was a very unique experience.  Click the photo below for more from this project.

Love Your Palate? Shop for Fall Subtle Paint Formulas

vacation home decor color season paint quiz interior design

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