Eclectic Interior Design Style

Your Style is Eclectic!

You probably have tattoos.  And a cat.

You love to travel and pick up items and experiences that are off the beaten path.  You’re open to a variety of patterns, styles, and colors.  You would probably layer area rugs (even though it would make Allison cringe–do it anyway).

PDF Guide for Eclectic Interior Design Style

Also referred to as Bohemian, your style is fun, whimsical, and the least confined of all the styles.  Much like Transitional, you are drawn towards the best elements of the classics, but want to put a modern or artistic spin on it.

Eclectic gallery wall southwestern interior design
eclectic tiled fireplace and orange leather sofa
living space with eclectic painting of frida kahlo and desert plants

Defining your style is difficult because it has the largest range of all the style categories.  As for your perfect home, you might be into mid-century, craftsman, or modern but ultimately are looking for a space that is unique and can properly display your tapestries.  Check out this vacation home design with some unique furniture and lighting selections.

Artist Inspiration: Check out Klimpt, Toulouse, Kahlo, and Dali and pay attention to textures along with color when pulling inspiration. 

Living Room design with eclectic accessories

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