What is the difference between a designer and a decorator?

Interior decorating and interior designing are NOT the same thing.  If this confuses you, we’ve got you covered!  Although the two are closely related, you’ll soon come to find that they can be vastly different…


Decorating is simple. You decorate for holidays. You decorate for a new look. Decorators rely on using your current space with only minor modifications. They move around your furniture and arrange your artwork.  They accomplish a refreshed look by building on what you already own and possibly adding a few accessories, small furniture pieces, and/or artwork.


Moving from decorating to designing requires an elevation in the level of involvement and work.  An interior designer brings not only a new aesthetic but can remodel and completely renovate a space. Examples of interior design projects: custom furniture that suites your style and your needs, a brand-new kitchen, an additional bathroom, or a basement converted into a livable space.  Designing displays form and function to the max.  Your space not only looks different, but it feels and functions differently too.  Giving a home a full remodel takes your request for improvement and leaves you with a space you’ll barely recognize.  A great interior designer will transform your home to bring your dreams to fruition.

Three photos showing stages of a home remodel

What is your design style?

It defines your home and creates a set of building blocks to create from. It is a useful tool to determine various design aspects like color palettes, finishes, or patterns… you name it. Take the quiz to find out what style best fits you!

Allison Smith Design takes on all levels of design projects. During the initial consultation you’ll review not only your personal design style but also your budget. We create spaces that are timeless and inspired all while working within your allotted means.

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