A beautiful vacation in Palm Springs has inspired some new color combinations.  This arid landscape, sprinkled with lush, tropical vegetation and dry, rocky mountains that seem to shoot up from nowhere, provides the perfect backdrop for clean, crisp design with saturated colors and bold geometric patterns.  This style features black and white striped curtains, white pots, and yellow cushions on white patio furniture.

desert style design inspiration

Palm Springs had a major development boom from the 1940s through the mid-1960s.  The style of this era is still reflected today in the architecture of homes, resorts, signage, and commercial buildings.   For lovers of Mid-Century Modern and Spanish revival, this place is a haven.  Bold color choices and retro furniture create an ambiance of leisure, perfect for vacationing.  Bring a little bit of this style home to create an oasis for yourself year round.

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Because our climates are so dramatically different, the best way to bring this style home to the Pacific Northwest is by introducing large white planters with brightly colored flowers that can survive our rainy season.  Fuchsia Azaleas are the perfect NW flower for replicating this look.  Throw in some white patio furniture with bold, geometric-print cushions or pillows and relax in your new oasis.


Happy decorating!