On the Cusp of Spring

Valentines Day

One of my favorites not only for the messages of love and the innocent sweetness of it, but also because it marks the changing of the season with a burst of vibrant reds and lush, lively blues, greens and pinks.  This is one of the few holidays that translates well into a color palette you would actually want to use in your home.  Our Winter Bright paint palette personifies Valentines Day perfectly.   A soft, lacy white, deep chocolate brown, a sweet, subtle blue and of course, a delicious coral red.  These colors really set the tone for a transition from a dark, dreary winter, into a blooming spring.  When selecting fabric, think about texture; lush, soft, touchable fabrics are key.  Velvet, soft leathers, and woven patterns will really up the romantic vibe.

When it comes to setting a table for a romantic Valentines day, I’m a sucker for the traditional roses, chocolate, and strawberries.  I think the best way to create the perfect ambiance is to decorate with your surroundings in mind.  We live in a historic Victorian home with lots of ornate woodwork and period-appropriate furniture.  For this reason, I will be decorating with lace, lush velvets, and floral antique dinnerware.

Tablescape design by Allison smith with vintage charm