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Put Down the Glue Gun: Christmas Edition

Holiday decorating festive christmas mantle

As of December 1st, we are well into the Christmas season.  Time to decorate! Lets start with the mantel: Before you bust out the glitter and Popsicle sticks, lets take a moment to consider some alternative ways of creating a festive atmosphere that is both cheerful and classy.  While DIY decorations are a fun and […]

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The Shanghai Project

interior design style for shanghai kitchen rendering interior designers

An upscale design for an industrial setting. Having worked in China previously on a western-themed resort community, Jackson Hole, I already had a feeling for how to work through the language barrier.  When working on new construction in the States we’re able to focus on the details and oversee the implementation of our designs in […]

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Before & After: Light & Bright

It’s B & A time! Lets start in the kitchen… Have you ever loved the scenery of a place so much that you were willing to look past a less-than-stellar décor? Our client in Carlton, Oregon did exactly that. Surrounded by a beautiful verdant landscape, this newer construction home included weird woodwork, dark rooms with […]

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Put Down The Glue Gun: Christmas Edition Vol. 2

Pomegranates and ornaments make a delightful centerpiece

Who says ornaments are only allowed on trees?   So the tree is decorated and presents are wrapped, but what about the rest of your house?  I say, get creative with your ornament placement!  Candles and evergreen sprigs are a great way to bring some twinkle and fragrance to the other rooms of your home; this […]

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Holiday Photo Gallery

Holiday interior designs by Allison Smith

Christmas Tulips Tulips can be very festive in red, especially when paired with white vases and an adorable Stag cake stand.  We had such a great time decorating for the holidays; here are some more photos from this year’s Christmas design:       A warm yellow for the walls brings a sunny atmosphere all year round. […]

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