Raleigh Hills

Raleigh Hills With beautiful 1960’s bones, this sprawling ranch needed a few adjustments to dial it in.  The master bathroom features a freestanding tub and floor to ceiling beveled Carrera marble tile. The powder blue star tile in the guest bathroom is a subtle nod to the home’s retro beginnings.

Commercial Rec Center – “Gateway”

This rec center in Everett, Washington has soaring ceilings and tons of natural light. The original concept that was sent to us was very barn-like with craftsman undertones… actually, craftsman overtones. This scheme simply didn’t match the aesthetics for the area. After many iterations on our part, we went with a more contemporary aesthetic. Check …


Beijing ASD in China Rodeo Connection Bar & Restaurant sits on the 26th floor of a modern commercial building in Beijing’s financial district. Allison and her team created the interior design for this rodeo-themed project and drew inspiration from a previous ASD project near the great wall–Jackson Hole. All of the interior decor for Rodeo …