Best Way to Warm Up in Autumn

Getting Cozy…

So your crock pot has been running full-blast for days, fire is roaring, hot cider is piping, but you’re still not feeing cozy enough?  It’s probably your walls.  Try one of our warm, glowing Color Seasons: Fall shades to complete your cozy nest.  A local Portland homeowner recently requested a remodel of her spacious bathroom and asked that we create a spa-like retreat for her to relax and rejuvenate.  We brought in Fall Bright AS14F for the walls, and natural slate tile for the floors and bathtub surround.  A rich cherry finish for the cabinets and natural wood blinds bring a tropical feeling in spite of dreary Portland weather.

Not in the market for a full remodel?  Give it a DIY with Allison’s fool-proof color-matching paint line: Your Color Seasons

Pacific NW Portland bathroom remodel interior with slate tile