2024 Interior Design Trends

As late summer and early fall approach, it’s that time of year when we start winding down, pushing to finish our year-end goals, and looking ahead to the next year.

While “trends” don’t strictly follow the calendar year, we still enjoy anticipating how interior design will change over the short-term. Here, we have identified seven interior design trends for 2024. Some are functional, and some are just fun, but all of them are definitely en vogue.

Style Potpourri

Design styles are proliferating, ushering in new combinations what feels like almost daily. There is no single “it” style, but creative juxtapositions like blending old and new, modern with antique or other unexpected elements like tassels and fringe are hot. In essence, homeowners want to bring on the FUN and invest in expressive interiors.

One of the most well-known examples of combining multiple design styles is of course Modern Farmhouse. While this design style has peaked, other recent examples include grandmillenial and coastal grandmother.

A modern farmhouse kitchen

1 kings heights portland living room

At Allison Smith Design, the amalgamation of multiple design styles is one of our favorite trends. We have always felt that first and foremost, your home should be an expression of YOU. Clients that lean in to their tastes, preferences, and lifestyle are always the happiest with the end result.

As you scroll through our design portfolio, you will see that most of our projects to not fit neatly into a single “style box,” but are an infusion of several styles and tell the unique story of each homeowner.

Vintage and Artisanal Pieces

Among clients looking for unique interiors, there is a growing appreciation for vintage and artisanal pieces. Some of this is being driven by some of the recent style trends like grandmillenial and coastal grandmother, but we are seeing a renewed appreciation of things from the past. This is also partially fueled by the desire to minimize “fast fashion” and be more eco-friendly.

In addition to vintage and antique pieces, incorporating handcrafted items add unique character to a space. We often commission local artists for unique art pieces, and in this stunning vacation home in San Jose Del Cabo we collaborated with local ceramic artists and a furniture builder to really tie the home into its surroundings.

Kitchen Workstation Sinks

On the practical side, kitchen workstation sinks are in. A centralized area where you can prep, strain, cut, wash, and dry is an attractive option for anyone in the throes of designing a kitchen. In addition to being convenient, they can also free up some counter space with an integrated workstation.

An example of a kitchen workstation sink.

LED Mirrors

Why do hotels always have the best lighting for applying makeup? It’s the LED mirrors! These mirrors are beautiful, sophisticated, and offer some of the best, cost efficient lighting for bathrooms. A bonus is that many LED mirrors have built-in anti-fog mechanisms, so you won’t have to wait around for it to clear before you start your post-shower routine.

An example of an LED mirror.

Maximalism & Bold Patterns

For the last decade or so, minimalism has been the name of the game. However, we are seeing more clients embracing the “more is more” attitude toward their décor. Pattern, color, and eclectic accessories blend together here to create a party for the eye. The challenge for designers is to ensure it looks intentional and not just a hodgepodge of “stuff.”


Bright Fabrics

Bright and colorful fabrics are a “safe” way to take some risks and step out of the neutral zone. We love to use pillows, throws, draperies, or even eye-catching rugs to add color to a room.


2 mediterranean fireplace

High Texture Wallpaper and Bold Paint

Paint is another low-risk, high reward way to bring a lot of color into a room. Here, we went with a bold teal, even on the ceiling!

glam 3

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback, especially when used in small areas like a bathroom or a nook. Here, we used it along one wall in the bar area. With such a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures, wallpaper is a great way to be extra in your interiors.

5 kings heights peekaboo wall

Biophilic Design

This trend is all about bringing the outdoors in, but it’s more than just sticking indoor plants in every room. Using natural materials like wood and stone, utilizing natural light, and decorating with found objects.

One of our favorite examples is the transformation of this 90’s home, where we created an entire wall of windows that looked out over a green space. Whenever we have the opportunity to open things up and take better advantage of natural light, we take it!

A view of a modern farmhouse dining and great room, with a wall of windows along the right side.

Curved and Organic Shapes

The popularity of Modern design, and mixing Modern design with other styles has made it so that straight lines and angles have dominated for the last several years. However, now as interior design trends toward more color, more texture, and a mixture of design styles, you will also notice that lines are becoming softer and shapes more organic.

Some examples of this are curved furniture, arched doorways, and spherical or bulbous fixtures. This trend goes right along with the biophilic design trend mentioned above, since straight lines and angles do not actually occur in nature.

6 kings heights portland dry bar

A bed with white linens and two, rust colored spherical pillows.

The result of more curved and rounded shape is a more organic design result, soothing to the eye and soul.

Which of these 2024 interior design trends are you most excited about? Are there any that you hate? Feel free to share more trends that you see in the comments.