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Get The Paint!

paint quiz for interior designers portland interior designers

So you’ve found your perfect Color Season and you’ve selected your Palette…What’s next? Get The Paint Each of our 64 Color Seasons Paints have a corresponding paint formula–the name of each color is located below the swatch(such as AS04SP).  Using a paint formula to get your colors is the only way to ensure the most accurate […]

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Summer Subtle Paint Palette

paint palette for interior design portland summer subtle beige tan cream interior designers

In a previous blog post we showed you the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette. If you scored mostly Cs in our Color Quiz, and you prefer color without noise, a more relaxed awareness of color… Your style is quietly classic; you prefer tasteful over trends.  The down-to-earth sand, shell and beach grass tones of […]

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China’s Top Design Magazine

magazine article interior design by allison smith interior designers

In 2009, shortly after completing her Jackson Hole project near Beijing, Allison was interviewed by China’s Top Design Magazine.  They were interested in her process around choosing color and decor.

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Modern Rustic Home Design

kitchen island design with rustic interior decor interior designers style rendering

Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, our latest client spent some time in San Francisco before heading up to southern Washington to build her dream home.  Her ideal home would be the beautiful marriage of all three vastly different regional styles.  A little bit modern, a little rustic, some Hacienda accents, all put together with […]

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Paint Problems: Color Consulting the Easy Way

paint color interior designers swatch sample

The quickest and easiest way to give your home a fresh, updated look is by changing the color of your walls.  Compared with other remodeling projects, this fix is relatively inexpensive…if you get it right the first time.  I cant even count how many times a new client has come to me for help after […]

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