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From the Ground Up: Phase 3

new construction interior design painting

The hard work pays off… In theory, new construction should be slightly easier than remodeling existing structures.  There should be no surprises; no, “I wonder what’s inside this wall?” moments.  If everything is implemented exactly according to plan, then new construction will run like a well-oiled machine.  But, because we’re human, there will always be […]

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From the Ground Up: Phase 2

digital rendering of front porch design

Starting to come together… Last week we took you through the preliminary design process, the part where moving a wall requires an eraser, rather than a sledgehammer.  This week it all starts to become real.  Our amazing team of contractors have been working so hard to get this house together and their efforts can finally […]

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From the Ground Up: Phase 1

Blue prints of architectural layout for house design

Designing a luxury home from the ground up sounds like an overwhelming task to most people, but for Allison and her design team, it’s the type of project that fuels our fire.  Starting with the preliminary sketches, Allison will go through the house with a fine-toothed comb.  Any areas that seem like they need revision will […]

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Design Inspiration: Palm Springs

Spanish revival style architecture tile stucco

A beautiful vacation in Palm Springs has inspired some new color combinations.  This arid landscape, sprinkled with lush, tropical vegetation and dry, rocky mountains that seem to shoot up from nowhere, provides the perfect backdrop for clean, crisp design with saturated colors and bold geometric patterns.  This style features black and white striped curtains, white pots, […]

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Spring Bold Paint Palette

COLOR palette paint match spring colors quiz

In a previous post we took you through the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette.  If you scored mostly Bs, in our Quiz and love fearless, stimulating, strong colors… Fresh, happy, a bit daring…you enjoy taking life straight on. Bring that spirit home with this cheerful palette of robin’s egg blue, teal, coral and a […]

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