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The Rec Center Comes Together: Before and After

billiards room pool table style masculine design rustic elements interior

This new construction commercial project was full of potential. In a previous post we showed you a behind the scenes look at this project. With two floors, a kitchen, fireplace, and lots of space for recreation, we had to come up with a plan to keep it consistent, while giving each space its own feel. […]

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Before and After: Bathroom Edition

After photo of bathroom remodel with double vanity sinks

This Portland homeowner wanted a fresh, updated look for her tired master bathroom.  A calm, soft palette, including our AS10W for the walls, creates contrast with the dark, rich wood of the double vanity.  The switch from built-ins to a free-standing set of cabinets creates a greater sense of space and sophistication where the cabinets look more like furniture, […]

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Winter Soft Paint Palette

interior design color palette of soft greens

In a previous post we took you through the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette.  If you scored mostly A‘s in our quiz and prefer an environment that captures the freshness of tulips pushing up through the snow… You have an eye for quality and a sense of sophistication. This tasteful palette suits your style perfectly. […]

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Winter Subtle Paint Palette

interior design paint palette with winter subtle colors

In a previous blog post, we took you through the Five Steps to Your Personal Palette.  If you scored mostly As in our Quiz and are looking for an understated palette… For you, it’s all about balance, order and comfort. This approachable palette pairing creamy white with gray-blue accents for subtle color is perfect.  Black […]

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On the Cusp of Spring

Tablescape design by Allison smith with vintage charm

Valentines Day One of my favorites not only for the messages of love and the innocent sweetness of it, but also because it marks the changing of the season with a burst of vibrant reds and lush, lively blues, greens and pinks.  This is one of the few holidays that translates well into a color […]

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