"Your home is your sanctuary.
I consider it a privilege to design it."
-Allison Smith

Interior Design in Portland and Beyond...

Premiere Portland Interior Designer Allison Smith specializes in all aspects of commercial and residential design on projects from Portland to Beijing.  From restaurants, to western-themed resort homes in China, to commercial Rec centers, to sweet cottage remodels, ASD can cater to any size project.  Check out her Journey for a little background on ASD.

Allison has been working in and around Beijing since 2006 when she completed a western-themed mock town outside the great wall called Jackson Hole.  In 2018, she was brought back to Beijing to create the interior design for a rodeo-themed bar and restaurant on the 26th floor of an Armani/Casa building in the financial district.  All of the interior decor for this project–including authentic western antiques and a mechanical bull with a real cow hide–was brought over from Oregon and installed in Beijing.  

This project piggy backed off a previous interior design project by Allison that was completed back in 2006.  This project was a series of cowboy themed vacation homes modeled after Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  The interior design focused on vintage style western homes and included authentic decor from rural Oregon.